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Living in History

Carding, Spinning and Weaving

Fee: $4 per student + interpretive tour fee

The Red Mill was originally built as a woolen mill where wool sheared from nearby flocks of sheep was carded, spun and woven into blankets. Participants learn about 19th century textile production by processing wool fiber from a sheep's fleece to a small weaving project using reproduction hand tools.  Appropriate for all elementary grade levels.

Basket Making

Fee: $5 per student + interpretive tour fee

In the late 19th century the mill was used to manufacture baskets for the flourishing peach orchards in the area. Participants learn to create a small basket to hold their own possessions.  Appropriate for grades 4 and up.

A One-room School Experience

Fee: $5 per student + interpretive tour fee

Students take part in 19th century lessons in the circa 1860 one-room schoolhouse using McGuffey Readers, slates and slate pencils, pen and ink bottles, as well as other learning tools and materials of the 19th century. A School Marm/Master challenges students to solve problems in mental mathematics, participate in a spelling bee, improve their handwriting skills and learn about a child's daily life at the turn of the century.  Appropriate for grades 2 and up.

Log Cabin Skills

Fee: $5 per student + interpretive tour fee

Participants are invited to try their hands at 18th century chores such as corn shelling, wool-carding, candlemaking and other chores associated with log cabin living. This workshop includes an exploration of the Morgan Cabin, Spring House and Herb Garden.

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