A social club at The Red Mill Museum Village

Introducing a fun and friendly gathering place for our members-only COMMUNITY.

BaseCamp31, in collaboration with The Red Mill Museum Village and the Town of Clinton, is pleased to introduce you to “Community”, a family-friendly & consumption-responsible place to relax, recharge and connect while enjoying some local beverages, good eats, tunes, and NJ’s most picturesque atmosphere on the Red Mill grounds.

It’s a project we’re excited to be behind…it’s one of those never-ending, labor-of-love projects that we look forward to growing in size and scope, in an effort to reinvest in some of the greatest things our area has…good people, strong relationships, beautiful landscapes, and iconic history.

The Community Social Club bar will be open this Sunday, May 21, for the Wheels for The Wheel Show. Then beginning Friday, June 2nd until Saturday, August 26th the schedule is as follows:

  • Fridays 4pm-8pm
  • Saturday 2pm-8pm

The Community Bar will be closed the weekend leading up to July 4th which is 6/30 & 7/1. It will also be open on these Sundays for the 2023 Music at The Mill Concert Series as follows:

  • 6/11/23
  • 7/9/23
  • 8/13/23

Join us by signing up for membership below and feel good knowing that your annual $25 dues and contributions go right back to our area of the world.
Community…it’s for all of us.

join COMMUNITY Social Club

This link will take you to a payment page on BaseCamp31 in order to join Community.
Follow the instructions to complete your enrollment and pay by credit card.

The proceeds from COMMUNITY will benefit between BaseCamp 31 and Red MIll Museum Village, both 501(3)Cs, and in support of the Town of Clinton.

COMMUNITY will be open every Friday and Saturday evening from Memorial Day weekend through end of October (weather permitting and unless there are occasional special events at the Red Mill).