By Elizabeth Cole

Elizabeth Grandin, Red Mill Museum Village Archive Collection.

Elizabeth Grandin, was a noted artist and descendent of one of Hunterdon Counties oldest families. Elizabeth was born in 1889 in Hamden, New Jersey.  Her early years were spent at Miss Dana’s, a finishing school in Morristown, where she received her earliest art instruction. In 1905 she decided to study art with William Merritt Chase in New York City and it was there that she met her mentor Robert Henri, founder of the Aschan School of Art.

Elizabeth was a recognized artist early in the century when few women were acknowledged, winning awards and scholarships for her art, as she traveled through Europe. At the beginning of WWI she moved to New York City setting up a studio and working with famous artists of the time. Though a successful artist, she is better remembered for her advocacy of woman artists. In 1925, Elizabeth and 12 other women founded the New York Society of Women Artists. Through this Society, Elizabeth created opportunities for women artists, many who are well known today.

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