Meet Our Staff


The Hon. Paul Muir
Executive Director
908.735.4101 ext. 101

Timothy Doyle
Assistant Director
908.735.4101 ext. 100

Erica M. Schaumberg
Museum Administrator
908.735.4101 ext. 102

Elizabeth Cole
Curator of Collections
908.735.4101 ext. 103

Kate Gordon
Curator of Finance
908.735.4101 ext. 104

Aycan Ates

Visitor Engagement Manager

Lester Horvath


Office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (excluding holidays).



David Bala, Robert Bozzay, Dave Ennis, G. Paul Salvetti

Museum Tour Guides & Workshop Leaders

Janice Armstrong, Dana Bala, Lynn Burtis, Sal DeSapio, Cathie Ann DiTrolio, Tim Doyle, Nelly Macys Fokken, Lois Macknik, Robbie-Lynn Mwangi, James Regan, Claudia Rubner, G. Paul Salvetti, Gina Sampaio, Liz Spicer, Raven Tunnermann-Gyecsek, Lauren Wright, Naomi Zebro

Visitor Services/Welcome Center Staff

Tim Doyle, Marcia Hansen, Gabriel Hanley, Amethyst Tunnermann-Gyecsek, Raven Tunnermann-Gyecsek, Allyson Serritella


Collections Department — Judy Audett, Lynn Burtis, Andrea DeRiso, Janet Dunsby, Sharon Halls, Kay McGuire, Melissa Mohlman, J. Richard Pierce, Maureen Polt, Carolyn Creed, Dana Bala

Welcome Center —  MaryLynn Damaschke, Janet Dunsby, Ginny Ettlemyer, Lois Macknik, Blanche Milheim, Maggie Murphy, Ed Rhode, Gail Saltvedt, Nicole Taylor, Jim Van Arsdale

Gardens — Country Garden Club, Sandy and David Foster, Maureen Polkowitz

Friends of the Red Mill

The Friends of the Red Mill work many hours in the Museum Shop, at special events, and on a wide variety of projects

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