If you want to live in a town that looks like it came straight out of a picture book, then Clinton, New Jersey, is the perfect choice! This seemingly small town with some 2,700 residents has a lot to offer, from marvelous Thai restaurants to upscale boutiques and jewelry shops. Whether you are a striving professional, a family with kids, or a retiree looking to settle down, Clinton can provide you with everything you need. Today, we’ll explore all the things you should consider when moving to Clinton, NJ, as well as some interesting facts and places to visit.

Housing and cost of living in Clinton, NJ

According to data from 2017, the average property value in Clinton was $349,800. While local real estate agents can easily find you a property for rent, most residents actually own their homes. As it is a historic town, many houses look like they could be movie sets, which is what they served as for a number of movies that were filmed here, including My Giant with Billy Crystal. Big back and front yards are also a plus for all families with kids. Although the cost of living in Clinton is higher than the national average, the median household income is higher as well. The average household income in Clinton in 2017 was $103,125, while on the national level it was $61,372.

Job and career opportunities

One of the largest industries in Clinton is health care and health management, employing the highest number of people. Health facilities in Clinton include providers of both mental and physical health services.  When it comes to positions in retail, Clinton doesn’t lack in this aspect either. Many local shops and stores offer both part-time and full-time employment, which is a great opportunity for teenagers and college students to earn some pocket money. If you have any experience in food service, be sure to leave your resume with one of the local eateries and restaurants.

While Clinton does not lack in job opportunities, many young professionals choose to work in a larger city and commute to work. Clinton’s favorable position allows its residents to reach cities like New York and Philadelphia within an hour or so, traffic permitting, of course. Commuting to work from this town is an excellent solution for those seeking to jumpstart their careers without overspending on their housing, especially in NYC, which is infamous for its sky-high rent and lack of available space.

Schools and education in Clinton

There is a number of both public and private schools in Clinton, NJ. The Clinton Public School is for kids in preschool through eighth grade. The school offers many after school programs and clubs, including a golf club, yearbook, and student council. After they leave Clinton Public School, students from this town attend the North Hunterdon High School, along with other kids coming from towns in the area. The school has been awarded a Blue Ribbon of Excellence, which is a testament to its commitment to students. Many sports activities are offered here as well, such as football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and cheerleading. When it comes to private educational facilities, Immaculate Conception School and Crossroads Christian Academy are both excellent religious schools. The Immaculate Conception School was also the winner of the National Blue Ribbon of Excellence in 2013.

The sense of community is strong in Clinton, and many families choose to relocate here precisely because of that fact. The schools, both public and private, have excellent student-teacher ratios, and Princeton University is only an hour’s drive. However, before you make any final decisions, make sure to talk to your kids about the upcoming big move and explain how their lives are going to change. The sooner you have this conversation, the higher the chances that they will accept it and actually look forward to it.

Clinton is famous for the Red Mill Museum Village

The biggest trademark of the town of Clinton is definitely the Red Mill Museum Village. Its crown jewel is the eponymous red mill, which stands on the Raritan River. Although the mill ceased to operate in 1928, it was converted into a museum that allows its visitors a glimpse into the history of the town. The iconic Red Mill is almost synonymous with the town of Clinton, and anyone who visits it will remember its crimson exterior for a long time. Along with the mill, there are other sites of historical significance located within the museum village. The M.C. Mulligan & Sons Quarry can also be found here, as well as a school-house dating back to the 18th century.

The Red Mill Museum organizes many activities and special exhibits year-round. The main exhibit features a collection of over 40,000 artifacts and each tells a unique story, with some dating back to Colonial times.

Apart from the exhibits, there are interesting events here that are bound to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest visitors. The annual Halloween Haunted Red Mill is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. The museum also organizes car shows, concerts, and charity fundraisers, where the proceeds go toward the restoration of the mill’s water wheel. If that’s not enough, know that you can even get married in the museum!

Clinton awaits you!

After moving to Clinton, NJ, it won’t take a long time before you realize that you’ve made the right choice. There is never a dull moment here, and there are many opportunities for fun and recreation. For example, be sure to visit Spruce Run Recreation Area if you enjoy camping, hiking, or water sports ranging from kayaking to windsurfing. Another excellent camping spot is the Voorhees State Park, that also includes an observatory and astronomy education center.

As you can see, Clinton is a wholesome town that puts emphasis on the importance of community. If you feel that you would fit in here, don’t hesitate to make the move!

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