Help us kick off our Year of Water with this special Splash of History program! Starting with our Uncovered exhibit exploring the evolution of the swimsuit, and leading up to the Smithsonian Waterways exhibition later this winter, we are celebrating all things water this year.

Wondering what exactly is a “water pantry”? In the gallery of our Uncovered exhibit, you’ll see a wall with jars of water labeled from different places around New Jersey and our area. These have been collected by museum visitors, employees, and volunteers to represent water from meaningful places in their lives. The evening of August 7th, we will gather in the gallery and share our stories of why and how these samples of water are special to each of us, with the discussion lead by professors Megan Bucknum and Jennifer Kitson of Rowan University.

This presentation is sure to be both a very unique and very personal experience. $10 for Museum members and $15 for non-members. Wine and refreshments served.

Not a member? Join today at

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