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Red Mill

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Learn how a water wheel-powered mill works and all the things it’s made over the years. We will also discuss all the jobs needed to run it, everything from smelling the grindstone to making sure the corn doesn’t burn to unclogging the water wheel from sticks and leaves as well as how the Mill was bought by the “Red Mill Five” and turned into a museum.

Facts about The Red Mill

People would have to climb down and remove it from the wheel by hand. 

A wool factory. 

It turns everything in the mill including the grindstones and an electrical generator. 

They support all the heavy weight of the wheel and heavy granite grindstones.

Dogs and other animals (currently their mascot Sparky!)

The Bolt Machine. It sifts very fine powder.

No, but it gives you the best view of it!

They bought the mill and quarry and turned it into a museum.