Position Responsibilities:

This position is responsible for the first impressions of museum visitors.  Must be able to garner interest and excitement in the museum and generate the same in weekend staff.  This position will largely be present on the museum grounds on weekends, but should be available to participate in staff meetings.  This position will be involved in the planning and implementation of public programs and to a lesser extent museum exhibits. In addition:

  • Manage Weekend Staff to complete the following tasks:
    • Open and close museum buildings on weekends
    • Refill museum literature as needed
    • Refill paper goods in restrooms as needed and notify office staff if supplies need to be reordered
    • Greet visitors, collect admission fee and record on daily gates sheet.
    • Handle gift shop purchases
    • Count cash register and admissions money at opening and closing and record on daily log
  • Train Weekend Staff
    • Welcoming Our Public Program
    • Sales and Attendance Forms
  • Manage Weekend Programs
  • Blacksmith/Tour 1st and 3rd Sunday
  • Possible Small Activity 2nd and 4th Sunday (STEAM Tour/Scavenger Hunt)
  • Museum weekend hours are 12-4pm November through March, and 12-6pm April through September.  Weekend personnel are expected to report to work 30 minutes prior to Museum opening to ensure completion of openings procedures prior to visitors arriving.

Position Requirements:

  • Must be able to communicate information clearly and interact with the Assistant Director effectively, must familiarize yourself with Museum grounds, events and programs
  • Ability to train and manage weekend staff

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