Core Exhibits

The Museum has an outstanding collection of more than 40,000 agricultural, industrial and domestic artifacts, which are exhibited on both a permanent and rotating basis.  Each object in our collection holds the story of who made it and reflects the chain of people who put it to use throughout its life, including the Red Mill Museum visitors who today keep these objects alive by carrying their tales on to friends and family.  

Many of these objects are displayed in our permanent exhibits, interpreting the story of how this community developed from Colonial times through to 1928 when the Mill was closed.  As you walk through our four floors of exhibits you will learn how and why the Mill was built, the failures and success of its owners, but most importantly how integral its activities were to the people who built, lived and worked in this community.  Similar permanent displays in the Mulligan Quarry buildings offer visitors the opportunity to hear the stories of the Mulligan family business and the Irish immigrants who worked the stone.


Special Exhibits

Coming Soon the History of Water Power!


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