Quilters and quilt owners will present a seasonal tradition of airing out quilts, taking place among the historic setting of the Red Mill Museum Village on Sunday, October 4, from 12 to 4pm.

The Quilt Airing will feature old and modern quilts hung or “aired” outdoors from clotheslines and fence rails on the Museum grounds for the enjoyment of the public. The fall custom of airing quilts outdoors has a long tradition in America, when quilts would be pulled out of storage to air them out in sunshine for the preparation of winter. Kay McGuire, a member of the Board of Trustees has been making quilts for years and plans to show over 10 quilts. She said she loves “the process of making quilts” and it makes her feel good when she can give quilts to friends and family to cherish.

Visitors may walk the grounds with regular Museum admission: adults $10, seniors $8, children 6-12 $6. It is free to enter the event for Museum members, active military, veterans and children under 6.

If you would like to include a quilt for display or have any questions about the event please contact Elizabeth at 908-735-4101 or ecole@theredmill.org. You may also visit our website at www.theredmill.org for more information.

Events like this help support the Red Mill Museum Village, a privately supported institution, and its mission to preserve and exhibit the unique history of the Red Mill and the Mulligan Quarry, including the cultural history that reflects Hunterdon County for the benefit of residents and visitors.

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